Sierra Apodaca – I was still in high school

07 Feb, 2018

Sierra Apodaca – I was still in high school

Couple’s Love Song: Prince- I would die for you

I met my ex when I was still in high school I was naive and very trusting still of human nature. He was using Illegal prescription pain pills and fed them to me as well. I had no idea the devasting turn of events that would take place or the dependency that these pills required. We lost our jobs we lost our home and he lied, cheated, and stole every chance he got. He eventually became extremely abusive spitting in my face and holding me down by my throat and hitting me in my face. But I loved him I thought we would get clean and spend rest of our lives together. I had no idea what was really out there, what happiness really was. After getting lied to after 6 months of him being “clean” I decided to get professional help. I entered a recovery program through Denver Health. One day on my way to the hospital I was on the bus. I had seen this certain gentleman a few times and talked briefly but this day I was being picked on by another man on the bus so I went to sit by the familiar stranger. I was crying and he asked if I was ok. The next time I saw him he made up some lame excuse about needing help with something just to start up a conversation, it was very obvious. He asked me if I wanted to hang out for a while before I went home to my boyfriend. I agreed and we went to a near by park and just talked for hours. The butterflies that I got in my stomach, the excitement of being around someone who was actually decent was irresistible. A few weeks later I called my dad, asked him if I could stay with him, packed up my stuff and never looked back. Things were rocky at my dads so I eventually moved into my mom’s but her boyfriend didn’t like my new guy so she kicked me out. Gabriel was staying at his grandmother’s it was starting to get cold and his grandma was cranky one he knew she would never agree so every night and every morning he snuck me in and out so I would have a warm place to stay. At that point i knew i made the right decision and i loved this man. We didn’t have a strong family support system so we decided we would do the court house thing and get married. It was great I couldn’t have imagined a more special moment even though we didn’t have a lot of money, we couldn’t afford a wedding it was our day Feb. 26th 2016. Eventually gabriel had a falling out with his grandma and he was kicked out too. We tried doing the weekly hotel thing but eventually couldn’t pay and were forced on to the streets of Denver. We both held jobs and gabriel was taking welding classes at Emily Griffith. With only a hospital blanket and a table cloth it was September and the temperature was dropping. We bounced from park to park getting chased off by cops. We started going to places who fed and gave resources to the homeless so by winter we had a tent, blankets, and sleeping bags everything we would need to endure a denver winter outside. We eventually stumbled upon this church, First Mennonite Church the sign read. We were afraid and had yet to find somewhere safe to camp. There was a small covered area we decided to make our own. Before this we had been rained on and froze. So this was truly a blessing. Eventually the caretakers of the church stumbled upon us and invited us to a service. We gratefully accepted. Little did we know this church, due to the growing homeless population in denver had started a “homeless initiative”
This church had decided they wanted to help and we were the ones who were blessed. They brought us inside the church and started a support group to help us get on our feet. They would bring us food, supplies, help us make resumes’ they were truly a family and a God send to us. Eventually a woman from the church stepped up. We were now doing better and she wanted us to rent a room from her. We agreed. That was last April 2017 its almost been a year since and im amazed at how far we’ve come together. We live a sober lifestyle and we still struggle sometimes but we always look back and think it could be so much worse. I love my husband more than anything, we stuck by each other’s side during some seriously hard times, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way and I couldn’t have picked better partner to share it all with. My dream is to have an actual wedding, when I saw this contest I thought this is our chance. There’s no way we could afford it otherwise, which would be ok too. I love my husband wedding or not and I know he will always have my back which is why prince- i would die for you is our song because literally I know he would, and so would I. August 2015 is when I moved out of my ex’s to be with Gabriel and in this 2 1/2 years we have struggled and went through what most couples in 20 years of marriage could never imagine. For this i am thankful because if my marriage can withstand a winter sleeping outside then I know we can handle the rest of it all just fine. Thank you.

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