Renee Gutierrez – Never Had The Chance

07 Feb, 2018

Renee Gutierrez – Never Had The Chance

Couple’s Love Song: Forever Mine by Al Green

Hello there, My name is Renee and I have to beautiful daughters named Haley and Avionna! They are my world! The love of my life is named Paul and has a beautiful daughter named Jaedyn. The love he has for his daughter is priceless and that’s just one of the reasons why I fell in love with him! So here it goes my finance and I met in 2011 he was actually my banker.. His first approach towards me was nice hair. I thanked him and thought to my self wow who says that and went on about my day then the next time I went into the bank he handed me his card and said if you ever have any banker questions give me a call.. At that point I laughed and stated great will do and walked away! I really did save the card. So from this point on every time I went to the bank I had to make sure I looked good and my hair was nice! So this time I was convinced he was gonna try something else to get my attention but unfortunately he no longer worked there.. In 2012 my brother passed away and i just so happened to run into him at church and believe it or not he approached me and I actually got his phone number this time and his words were “ keep in touch” which I never did. Then bam in April 2016 i was on social network and I came across him and we hit it off after that. It’s like we were totally meant for one another, It felt like I knew him my entire life! We did make it official and became a couple and next thing you know he asks me to marry him! This was the best day of my life! I did say Yes! I was so happy with my life and where it was headed! We were all happy and then I got some bad news may of 2017 we found out my mom had stage 4 lymphoma cancer. I was devastated. I could not believe it! I asked myself several times why, why my mom! So then next thing you know my mom is beginning her fight and started chemo and still continues to go thru chemo. She started feeling ill and didn’t really want to do anything she got sad and depressed and not to mention the chemo would put her down for a couple days.! So we kinda rushed our wedding so my mom could be apart of it so we got married thru the courts. I went and bought the girls cute little flower dresses. Our colors were pink and beige. My mom looked so beautiful that day and I never seen such happiness in her smile! So where I’m going with is that yes Paul and I are married thru the courts but we never had the chance to have a big wedding like we dreamed of because with my mom getting sick we had to budget our money so we could help my mom out. I hope you enjoyed hearing about our journey of love.

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