Angelina Salazar – We would never leave each other’s side

07 Feb, 2018

Angelina Salazar – We would never leave each other’s side

Couple’s Love Song: lady antebellum just a kiss

My fiance and I went to elementary school together hadn’t seen each other in years we ran into each other in 2002 started speaking and have been together since we’ve always wanted to get married but financially we can’t yet we tried to have our wedding in 2012 but unfortunately we tried to change our date and the wedding venue took our money and never returned it to us. After being together almost 16 years later we have 4 beautiful girls. I couldn’t even imaginine being away from my best friend He’s the best husband and father anybody could ask for we’ve lived a rough life with our family so we would never leave each other’s side so we know we belong together forever.We would love to get married we’ve been engaged since 2004 I think we would be a great pick but im sure there’s bigger and better romantic love stories. Thanks for this extremely great oppurtunity to try out for we appreciate your kindness and hope you all have a great day…

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