TaQwasha Roberts – Love Triumphs Distance

06 Feb, 2018

TaQwasha Roberts – Love Triumphs Distance

Couple’s Love Song: Teach me-Musiq Soulchild

I was the new girl at West Middle School. Yeah the one with the glasses. The nerd who sat in the front of every class. The “ Ooh! Pick me Pick me!! I know the answer” girl. He was the Jock and the star player in basketball and football but I tried not to pay attention. He would tell all his friends I like Qway she’s gonna be mine watch but shortly after, he transferred to a different middle school. During 8th grade, he came back and he found me. “Yea I’m back” he said “and I’m not leaving until I make you my girl”. So of course, I play hard to get! Make him chase me and tease him along the way pretending like I didn’t like him but behind closed doors I was in love with him. He was so persistent and always smirked about getting me pregnant when we grew up. We then went to the same high school, Aurora Central, and he was tired of chasing me because he had all the new hotties trying to wife him up! I went into full attack mode. OH NO! This is my man and I had to show him I wanted him too. However, he would brush me off. I would make myself known in the hallway. I would change my hair and even got contacts instead of glasses. Sophomore year I finally snagged him. I was ecstatic and couldn’t keep my butterflies contained but shortly after, I got the news that he had to move to Georgia. We were devastated and I sat with him and his mom at the bus station for hours until they drove away. Tears falling down my face I knew I wouldn’t see him again.

Several years passed and I went to college at CSU Pueblo and he moved to Virginia. We always stayed in contact and even made plans for him to move back to Denver but that never happened. He called me one day and said “Qway I have a baby on the way”. I was livid! Though we weren’t together we had the unspoken rule of never having a baby with someone else. I was hurt and I stopped talking to him. Then a year past and he mentioned he was moving back to Denver with him mom and daughter and that he wanted to see me. I was anxious and nervous because I haven’t seen this man since we were kids and now he has a kid of his own. When I saw him I had the same feeling that I had in middle school with an extra kick because I fell in love with his daughter. Felt like a kid again and the part that was missing was finally filled. We picked up where we left off and 3 years later with a couple shots of tequila we now have two other children and we raise all three together in our household. And I finally got the RING!!!! He proposed Dec 2nd! I am so blessed to be with this man and this opportunity would help us have the wedding of our dreams and tie us together forever.

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