Robert Corona – Our Love Story

06 Feb, 2018

Robert Corona – Our Love Story

Couple’s Love Song: Nothin’ on you-B.O.B. and Bruno Mars

Robert is from Albuquerque, New Mexico. He lived in Denver for several years with his ex-wife, fathering two beautiful children, Aiden and Carter. Robert’s ex-wife had met someone during their marriage, a farmer from Iowa. She saw dollar signs and lust and left Rob. Because the farmer could not move to Denver, his ex-wife decided to uproot her family and move Iowa. Even though Robert had his friends, job and everything he knew here in Denver, he followed his kids and ex-wife to Iowa. He found a job, made a few friends and tried to be the best dad he could with his bi-weekly weekend time with his little loves. During this time he adjusted to Iowa life as best he could, missing seeing his children so infrequently due to their mother having the majority of the custody, missing his friends and most importantly missing someone to love.
Sabrina is originally from Nebraska. She moved to Denver as a single mother of twin three year old boys. Their father decided not to be in the boy’s life, so Sabrina stepped up her game and has been raising two boys on her own. During her time in Denver she went back to school to be able to give her and her children more opportunities for greatness. She managed to secure a great job and get her kids in the best school district in Colorado. Things were great, but she was lonely, always on her own, Sabrina too was missing someone to love.
The Good and Bad:
Sabrina was working at a medical clinic for several years, it was going pretty good! During this time her and her boss became great friends and eventually this led into a relationship. Not too surprising, office romances tend to be complicated! Her boss, Jeff, had a live in girlfriend. Now! Before you judge, Jeff had told Sabrina that he and his live in girlfriend were breaking up, he was moving out. Sabrina, wanting to trust, knowing this person for three years, believed him. So Sabrina and Jeff dated for around six months. Due to the nature of the office romance, it was kept on the down-low. Sabrina had told very few people, but she did confide in her neighbors, who happened to be from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Around Sabrina’s birthday in April, 2017, Sabrina, her friends and her neighbors met at a local bar for some drinks. It was then when Sabrina and Rob first crossed paths. Rob was in town from Iowa to help his friends with some demolition on their house. Turns out Rob and Sabrina’s neighbors had been friends since the third grade!!! There was some good conversation between everyone, but Sabrina was still in the “relationship” with her boss. Rob went back to Iowa and life continued….
Around July, 2017, the boss man had enough. He could no longer be in a relationship with two women, so he ended it with both women. As saddened as Sabrina was, she was relieved because she did not want to be with someone like Jeff. She wanted someone to love her heart, soul and her boys as much as she did. She learned a great lesson!
In August, 2017, Rob was out visiting his friends again. Sabrina, now in a different mindset, knowing what she wanted in a relationship met Rob all over again. Rob was attentive, he was open, so kind, and loyal and free to be with someone! The greatest attribute of Rob according to Sabrina was his sacrifice to be with his children. He gave up everything to be with them, unlike her children’s father. Sabrina found this to be like a breath of fresh air! YES!!!!!! So August 26th, 2017 Rob and Sabrina made their connection. Due to the fact he lives in Iowa and Sabrina lives in Denver they had to communicate and get to know each other over the phone and Skype. Since they met they have talked every day!
I wish I could say it was easy, but these two, have gone through a lot! Since their universally blessed day in August, things took a turn for the worst for Sabrina. Her boss informed her that her clinic would be closing due to lack of insurance payments to the center. Sabrina was losing her job. As if that wasn’t stressful enough, Jeff, Sabrina’s boss, committed suicide the day after her last day of employment. This was devastating for her! Rob was right by her side, knowing she needed him more than ever. Their bond strengthened.
Man, life can throw you curve balls! But guess what? Rob was there for Sabrina, never wavering. He knew the whole story of Jeff from the beginning to the end. What an awkward and tough position for him to be in. Helping Sabrina grieve the loss of her job and her “ex-boyfriend.” As stated above, Sabrina and Robert communicated strictly by phone and Skype when he was not in town to visit. It was difficult for Sabrina to want to talk, grief is a nasty friend, who wants to cry over Skype????
Rob kept at it, he knows something great when he finds it. He took monthly trips to visit in Colorado. Every effort is made to see each other when possible. Sabrina and her twins, Jaden and Tyler, left Denver and headed to Nebraska to see family. Robert drove from Iowa and met them there for the holidays and brought his little’s, Aiden and Carter. With family support, Robert and all the kids getting along, Sabrina’s spirits soared. His daughter Aiden loved Sabrina and Carter wanted to hold her hand. Sabrina’s twins had fun being big-brothers to his kids. Slowly the grief was lifting. So amazing the universe knew exactly when Robert needed to enter Sabrina’s life, as she did his! The love they found in each other is unquestionable. Divine timing to say the least!
Why we should win:
You see, we never know the path our lives will take. What we may have imagined our life should be like, isn’t even close to what God intended it to be. He wanted to be BETTER THAN WE EXPECTED! Two people went through loss and suffering, growing and learning to appreciate the diamond in the rough.
Robert and Sabrina continue to grow and learn about each other, life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Their goal is to be together forever. Create a beautiful family. Live like they have always wanted. We know we can do it together and want to share our story and our new lives together with our friends and family. This, this would add another exceptional layer to our ever growing love story.
The plan is to get hitched at Dazzle, be treated like a King and Queen, Robert will move back to Denver so Jaden and Tyler can finish high school. They will have Aiden and Carter come out for longer stretches of time, to build better connections with them instead of the few hours he gets them every other weekend.
We hope you liked our story! We thank you for your consideration and hope to hear from you soon!
One Love,
Robert Corona(43)& Sabrina Dvorak(39)
Aiden(10) and Carter(7), Jaden(15) and Tyler(15)

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