Nick Pennebaker – A Millennial Love Story

06 Feb, 2018

Nick Pennebaker – A Millennial Love Story

Couple’s Love Song: Anyhow I Love You – Guy Clark

Let me preface this by saying you’ll hear a few millennial buzz words – things that my parents would just smile and think to themselves “what the f*** is a snapchat?”

This, like so many other relationships in the past couple of years, started with a dating app (even though the internet was involved, I’m still very, very hesitant to call it “online dating”… even though let’s be honest – it totally was). Bumble was our choosing, and we swiped right on one another over two years ago. Anna, a petite, stunningly beautiful brunette from Chicago, and Nick a 5’8 (being generous) Ginger who looks 24 with a hat on, yet about 42 with it off (thanks, Male pattern baldness) – were matched! I distinctly remember opening the app up and simply thinking “Damn… no way she’ll contact me” – but oh how I was wrong. Her opening line was relevant to what I had in my profile – along the lines of wondering how the hell anyone could actually watch The Big Bang Theory. We penned one another back and forth – talking about our days, our lives, and eventually switched to text (basically 2nd base in app-based dating). After a couple of days of texting, we decided it was time to meet up – we liked one another’s humor, had similar interests, and agreed to meet at a bar. I was excited about meeting up, but as it turns out, Anna didn’t really seem to care. The day-of she bailed. Of course this wasn’t the first time in history that’s happened, so I tried to pick up my dignity, and block her out of my mind. I played hard-to-get, but evidently Anna just, well, didn’t really play at all.

Days went by – nothing. Weeks went by – nothing. Months went by – nothing. I all but forgot about Anna until I got a random addition to Snapchat – someone called “ms.plantain” – I had no clue who this person was, but I took a chance on adding them. We never really corresponded – I didn’t know them, and I thought it was a mistake. We didn’t send images to one another, but I did notice that ms.plantain regularly viewed my Snapchat stories. On New Year’s Day, 2016, Anna decided that I was funny enough to text… again (evidently she liked what I posted on SnapChat). Anyway, did I receive an enthusiastic “Hi! It’s Anna! That girl who bailed on you!” No. Perhaps a “So sorry for not meeting up months ago!” No. I received “Hey”. I thought “Wow. Just… wow. Well shit! Good enough for me!” So we decided to text again, and we finally met up at a bar after a couple of weeks. I thought our first date was fantastic – the conversation was non-stop, she was just as pretty in-person as she was in her pictures, and – she thought, well, notsomuch. In fact, she called her mom to tell her it was a disaster. She complained that I peppered her with too many questions, and I didn’t wait for her Uber (in all fairness, it was like 2 minutes away…). I decided to ask her out again, and we were set to meet up at another bar… until she bailed… again. There’s a common theme here, huh? She apologized (this time), and we ended up going out again… and again… and again.

We quickly started dating in March of 2016, and a month after that, we took a train from Chicago to Milwaukee for the hell of it. For some reason the city always intrigued us, so we stayed the weekend. Two important things happened that weekend. 1) I found out that she only added me on Snapchat by mistake – she meant to add another “Nick Bumble”, and 2) We said “I love you” for the very first time at a very sketchy Days Inn in West Milwaukee. Months have flown by since then. We got a puppy together (horrible mistake… but we love her)! We moved in together! We moved across the country to Denver together! Like every couple we’ve had our ups, we’ve had our downs – but it has been amazing. I love this woman more than I can say. We just got engaged last month. I surprised her with a trip to… Milwaukee. Yep, we’re probably the only two people in history who flew from the mountains of Denver to Milwaukee… in December… to get engaged. But it was truly amazing. After asking her to marry me, I surprised her again with having her family from Chicago and my family from Texas meet at a brewery in the city. We were both crying when we saw them, and it’s my happiest moment to date.

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