Marijojuania Abdullah – How it really happened

06 Feb, 2018

Marijojuania Abdullah – How it really happened

Couple’s Love Song: Mr Incredible Ms Unforgettable by Rahim DeVaughn and Leela James

My husband told you his story on how we met now I’m going to tell you how it really happened. One day I was with my best friend Salima and she asked me to go with her to see this guy she was dating. It was a rainy day I had my hair wrapped up with a scarf on my head and a raincoat on. I was not cute that day. When we got to her friend house I walked in and saw the most handsome man in the world. He had these long dred locs, deep dimples, pretty white teeth and the most beautiful smile I ever saw. I was in awe but I looked crazy so I didn’t say anything I just sat in the corner and he never notice me. The next time I saw him was on my birthday. My cousin Nia asked me to ride with her to Newark Penn Station to pick up this guy she was dating and a couple of his friends. Now this day I was cute I had my dubbie wrap comb down, my hair was laying. I don’t remember what I was wearing but I know I was looking good. We pulled up to Penn Station and 4 men walked out and one of them was him I couldn’t believe it OMG he looks so good. As soon as he saw me this time his face lit up. He always tells me it was love at first sight. He didn’t want me to leave he asked me if he could take me out for my birthday. I always tell him he was the best birthday gift I ever received. We spent the whole day together all of my friends had plans for me but I left my cousin Nia cuz I was not letting him get away this time. That was September 15th 1994 and we’ve been together ever since.
Not long after dating I became pregnant and gave birth to a 6 pound 4 ounce baby boy. 2 months later I was pregnant again and gave birth to another boy. I wasn’t married but had two kids with the love of my life. We were not financially stable which put a strain on our relationship but we were still so much in love we made it work. 3 years later I was pregnant again. I was like nooooo this can’t be happening I’m going to have another baby. Then the doctor informed us that the umbilical cord was between the legs of the baby so they could not identify the sex. I just knew it was going to be another boy but when the baby came out it was a girl me and my husband was so excited. After she was born we relocated to Florida so his dad could help us get on our feet. We live there for 4 years only one with his dad and had two boys born in Orlando. Not happy with the economy housing and job market we moved to Atlanta Georgia where I had family. My husband got a job at the Fulton County Jail and we thought we really had our feet planted. Unfortunately we were caught in a housing scam trying to purchase a home. Even though all of our finances were tied into the house we were forced to move. So with seven kids in tow and me 7 months pregnant we boarded the Greyhound with all of our belongings headed to Denver Colorado. My husband had to stay behind to try and recover some of the money we invested in the house and bring us back after. It was a horrible ride I will never forget it. We got to Denver and my husband would send me money every week until I went into labor. His job didn’t allow them to use their phones but once I went in labor he couldn’t help but use his phone and was caught and fired. He wanted to find more work in Atlanta and bring me and the kids back but after 6 months he still couldn’t find Steady work only temp jobs. So he packed up and went join his family in Colorado. As soon as he saw me he said let’s get married right now. I called the courthouse got my sister mother-in-law and the kids and we got married in front of the judge. Colorado has been very good to my family besides gaing custody of my daughter’so best friend we were able to purchase our first home. I’ve been working at the Colorado Convention Center for four years and my husband has a degree and HVAC and Refrigeration. On our days off we play love songs for each other. He does the guy part I do the girl part and we sing and dance in front of each other.
We can’t wait to perform at a wedding reception we practice all the time we’re going to sing Mr Incredible Miss Unforgettable to each other and do a little dance. I also want to perform you are my rock bye Beyonce for my husband. It’s every girl’s dream to have a beautiful wedding especially with the man she is so in love with after all these years yes. Everyday I look at him I love him more and more he is so kind and giving and I know he would love this wedding just as much as me. Anything that makes me happy makes him happier. We would love (especially meeeee) A Dazzle Jazz Wedding. Thank you so much for reading this.

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