Luai Qubain – Defying the Norm

06 Feb, 2018

Luai Qubain – Defying the Norm

Couple’s Love Song: Redefined by tyDi

I grew up in Jordan. Bordering Israel and Palestine. As an Arab, I was always told that the Jews were our enemies and that we can’t be friends with them.

However, love knows no gender, race, color or religion. I met the love of my life in Denver. He happened to be Jewish. He’s the most amazing man anyone could ever wish for. He cares about me and loves me to the moon and back.

I came out to my family in 2014 and was disowned by them. I have always dreamt of a big wedding where I can have all of my family and friends with me. Unfortunately that won’t happen.

I like to think of us as a special couple. We don’t only represent the gay eqaulity that has been achieved in this nation, but also that the “media-portrayed-enemies” can actually fall in love and be happy together. We represent peace and acceptance.

Sometimes I find it hard to express myself, I am sure others’ essays are going to be filled with love stories and passion, but what we have is real and priceless.

Picture this, a gay wedding at your club/restaurant for a Jew marrying an Arab! 😊❤

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