Kelly Cook – Old friends and New Lovers

06 Feb, 2018

Kelly Cook – Old friends and New Lovers

Couple’s Love Song: I Love My Life by Robbie Williams

Darrin and I first met because I went to nursing school with his ex-wife who became a friend of mine. I would go to their house for Thanksgiving and game nights with my then husband. Darrin and I would debate politics as he was a Republican and I was, and still am a Democrat (a flaw he overlooks).
We had no romantic inclinations at all.
My husband at the time became pretty aggressive with me and started to sabotage our friendships with other couples in order to isolate me from my support systems. One night during the Christmas season of 2008 or 2009 Darrin and his wife had come over to make a Christmas dish from my husband’s home country. My husband came home angry and we had a fight in front of them. Darrin did call my husband the next day and told him that he did not treat me well. My ex- husband’s response was “so you’re on her side then” To which Darrin said…..”Yes, I guess I am” I didn’t see Darrin and Teresa for a while after that.
Then I got divorced.
I still celebrated some Thanksgivings with them and an occasional game night.
There were still no romantic inclinations at all.
Then they got divorced. I didn’t see Teresa much at that point, she never even told me they got divorced. Darrin and I kept in casual touch. We did go out once after Teresa and He got divorced, but it didn’t feel like a romantic date.
It was just two old friends catching up on each other’s lives.
I was seeing someone at the time and he was starting to see someone else too so it didn’t go anywhere. Both of those relationships ended horribly.
Years passed with no contact at all.
We were Facebook friends and in early September of this year someone tagged him, late, for his birthday. I desperately wanted to see the new IT movie and no one else I knew was brave enough to see it.
So I messaged him “Hey sucker fish…..what’s going on??”
Darrin responded right away. He said that his relationship was over, and I said mine was over too. I asked him if he wanted to see the movie. Funny thing is, that he NEVER looks at Facebook. He just happened to be cleaning out some virtual trash that day. We went to see IT.
It was a good time, but again not really romantic.
Then we went hiking at Chautauqua Park. He was joking about how he was “going to pull a hammie” and I told him that if he said the word “hammie” one more time I would never hike with him again. Shortly thereafter I almost fell backwards, and he stopped me by gripping my hips……huh?
THAT felt a little romantic?!?
We had dinner a few times with all of our kids together. Then one night he invited me over……just me and him……dinner, a few drinks, a lot of flirting. We were sitting on the couch talking and laughing and he looked at me and said “Oh God, just come here”.
He pulled me in and kissed me. Then, of course there was more kissing etc.
It was magic!
We were both pretty unprepared for that kind of chemistry. Darrin was pretty terrified by all the feelings after all we both had resigned ourselves to singleness after our last awful relationships. I was terrified too. He said he didn’t want a relationship, commitment, or obligation. I told him that was fine, we had been friends and could stay as such, but I warned him that people who don’t care about each other don’t touch each other like we did.
The day I knew I would marry Darrin;
I had a terrible neighbor who called animal control about my dog because she didn’t like the way the dog barked, even though she had never met or seen the dog. Long story short…….Animal control comes to take my dog. Darrin was just leaving because he had stopped by for …..ahem, lunch….and was returning to work nearby. Animal control informs me they are going to take my dog…… I get my precious girl Sugar into my room and I call Darrin. We had been romantically involved for about 2 weeks at this point. I told him “I’m about to get arrested” Of course he was shocked to hear this…I told him that I was not going to let them take my dog because I was sure they were going to put her down . I asked Darrin…..the straight laced Republican… please come take my dog so she wouldn’t be killed, I asked him to pull up in the back alley and get her out of there…..and HE DID IT!! Darrin saved my dog. I was his from that moment on.
The day Darrin knew he would marry me:
That first night we kissed.
Our first time seeing each other in years was on September 7th, and he asked me to marry him on November 18th. We are perfect for each other, we have the best of both worlds, we are old friends AND new lovers. He grounds me…..and I give his life excitement. Both of us think that it took so long for us to get together because we needed to learn from our past relationships how to treat someone well, be treated well, and how to appreciate that perfect (not always) partner when they come along.
We still debate politics, but it’s usually with our clothes off, which is a much better conversation I might add.

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