Kaylei Jeannine Garcia – It all started with Bubblegum

06 Feb, 2018

Kaylei Jeannine Garcia – It all started with Bubblegum

Couple’s Love Song: Aerosmith- I don’t wanna miss a thing

Our love story first began in 6th grade down the hallways of Niver Creek Middle School. The moment I first layed my eyes on him was the moment I understood what it meant to feel butterflies. I was your average nerdy kid and only had one friend, he was the popular all around athlete. A few weeks later after several failed attempts to try to talk him I came up with an idea. I told my mom I wanted her to buy me a bunch of bubblegum so that maybe I’d fit in and have a chance to talk to him. The next day at school i was a hit and finally my dream guy came up to me asking for a piece. I was so captivated by his presence I struggled to find anything to say so I just stared. Little did I know he was stealing all of my bubblegum. The rest of the year went by and I never found the courage to speak to him. The next year my mom transferred me schools due to how bad I was being bullied. By the time we got to high school I had a new look, new friends and I was the cool kid. I finally had a chance to impress my dream guy…or maybe not. A few weeks later Derricks parents transferred him to a new school. We’d occasionally see each other from time to time but we were both in relationships living separate lives. After graduating high school I started dating a new guy, a year later him and my best friend we’re killed in a fatal car accident. That’s when I got a very sincere Facebook message from Derrick sending his condolences. We began to talk as friends and became really close. That’s when we began to have feelings for one another. I started to push him away thinking it was wrong that I started to fall for him so soon after the passing of my boyfriend. I closed him off and moved away. About 3 years later I reached out to him to see how he’d been and immediately began right where we had left off. He had joined the army and moved to TX. We talked everyday, FaceTimed, and visited each other as much as we could. He took a trip to Denver to see me, I showed up to the bowling alley and the second he saw me he lifted me off my feet and spun me in a circle, in the background played Aerosmith-I don’t wanna miss a thing. It felt like something you only see in a chick flick or fairytale movie, that was the moment I fell head over boots in love with him. That night he told my girlfriend he loved me and wanted to make me his wife. Shortly after that we decided to go to the courts to get married and move me to Texas to be with him. It wasn’t a dream wedding but being in the army doesn’t exactly give you the funds to do so. After 4 short months of finally being together they shipped him off to Kuwait. No advice prepares you for the heartache and everyday struggle a deployment strains on you. 9 very long, emotional months later he’s back in my arms and in less then 2 months we will be back in Colorado starting the rest of our lives together. Which brings us to today when my mom tagged me in the post of this the chance to have our dream wedding at your beautiful venue. I know our love will never grow dull nor disintegrate and everyday for the rest of our lives we will learn & grow with each other as well as overcome and obstacles we cross. If we are chosen to have our wedding at your venue I know every inch of every room will be filled with nothing but laughter, warmth, and love. -The Garcia’s

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