Jeremiah Hofstetter – My Angel

06 Feb, 2018

Jeremiah Hofstetter – My Angel

Couple’s Love Song: Jack Johnson – Angel

We got together in 2004 and have had a faithful and loving relationship since. I initially proposed to her in 2007 and around that time her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She being the loving person she is, instantly moved back to California to take care of her thru her sickness. After a long 2 year battle, her mother passed away in 2009 and that was devastating for her. She came back to Colorado in 2009 and we moved into our house together and it was really rough on her as she was really lost without her. She did not want to plan any wedding stuff without her mother so we just put it on hold. Recently she has been more and more ok with the idea of planning the event but not wanting it to be a big hassle, so something like this would be so special. Right now we are actually trying to plan our wedding and get it done within the next month or so, so that we can start trying to have a baby. I know we have a ton that we have endured and been thru together, but this is truly the main reason we have not gotten married. We have also helped each other thru addictions and made our faith our basis for our relationship. I am just trying to summarize the main body of what our reason is and why I wanted to enter this contest. I hope we are worthy candidates and appreciate this opportunity.

thank you,
Jeremiah Hofstetter

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