Jennifer Sinangote – Love At First Words

06 Feb, 2018

Jennifer Sinangote – Love At First Words

Couple’s Love Song: What Lovers Do

I had just gotten out of a terrible relationship. My 36th birthday was coming up and I didn’t want to do anything. A girlfriend of mine, suggested at least one drink to get my mind off things and celebrate my birthday. My birthday weekend fell on September 29 (my actual birthday is October 2nd). So we go to my other girlfriend’s bar she bartends and made friends with one of her friends Dee. Dee was sad about me not being too excited about my birthday and said ” I’m taking you to my favorite bar and I’m buying you a drink and show you that life will move on and so will you.” I was against it at first, but said to myself “Eff it, lets go.” Did I know that night would change my life? Hell no. But it did. As I was talking to Dee at the bar at The Living Room, a couple of guys walked in and one of them completely caught my eye. Believe me, meeting a guy was NOT on the menu. I actually hated men at that point. But once Robert walked in my heart dropped. Long story short, my girlfriend leans over to them and says ” Hey! It’s her birthday! And they both said happy birthday and Robert walked over. He asked if he could buy me a drink, but that’s not what got me…. Robert is straight out of Southern Alabama and had this Southern twang and threw me to the floor. And I knew, he was the one. Two weeks later he asked me to marry him. We are still extremely happy and in love and house hunting!

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