Irasema Moreno – He Was Living With His Girlfriend

06 Feb, 2018

Irasema Moreno – He Was Living With His Girlfriend

Couple’s Love Song: Perfect Ed Sheeran

It was back in 1991 when we first saw each at a dance I was 15 and he was 13. We dated for like 2 months he was my partner in my 15 birthday celebration. Sadly right after that we broke up. In June of 1998 right before i moved to colorado i decided to search for him. I ended up finding and talking to a member of his family who broke my heart telling me he was living with his girlfriend. So I moved and thinking i woukd never see him ever again. So facebook came along and one day in 2010 i found him. I messaged him and come to find out it was him sadly i was married at the time so i didnt ask much. Well years went by my marriage got rocky and summer 2015 came by and i decided to message him. We started talking more and i decided to fly to washinton to see him again after 25 years. The connection we had was amazing just like we had before. We spent New years together we had an amazing time. Thw feelinga for each other grew so much more we texted like 20 times a day. Finally i moved in Septembed 2016 to be closer to him and to officially date. And here we are still dating, engaged and very in love with each other.

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