D. D. Walsh – Meet You on the Driveway

06 Feb, 2018

D. D. Walsh – Meet You on the Driveway

Couple’s Love Song: Stand by me, by Ben E. King

Senior year at columbine high school, 1981. My girlfriend said that I needed to meet her new boyfriend. We were on a bus to a school retreat. She pointed out a boy, and said, “there he is, Ryan Walsh.” I didn’t know he existed. I thought for a solid year that he and his brother were the same person. They looked so much alike. This was especially embarrassing because I lived across the street, and realized just then that I had been calling Ryan, Sean for a year. He went along with it, saying later it was too much trouble to turn off the mower, correct me and then keep mowing. So we met on that retreat and really hit it off. We could talk about anything, easily. After the retreat, his mom, my now mother in law gave me a ride home. The next day I called him and said, “wanna meet in the street?’ We did, picked a driveway and talked for 5 hours. Of course his girlfriend didn’t like that, and every girlfriend after didn’t like that. See we weren’t a couple. We were best friends. We went deep into conversations that we couldn’t do with other people. So much so that it was weird just to say hi in the halls at school the next day, awkward. We stayed best friends for 7 years. Then one day, when he told me about a girl he was dating, I got really jealous. That had never happened before. I told him right away. We weren’t sure what to do with that. But after a few weeks, we figured it out, even as everyone around us already knew. We have been married for 28 years. So I guess this entry would be a renewal. We had cheap food, a cake that was leaning, and a terrible photographer. But I married my best friend and that has made all the difference.

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