Crystal Johnston (Schneeberger) – Love come in hard places, but it is worth the fight

06 Feb, 2018

Crystal Johnston (Schneeberger) – Love come in hard places, but it is worth the fight

Couple’s Love Song: The Wobble by V.I.C

March 11, 2016 was any regular day. I work in advertising, and was at one of the local radio stations in Colorado Springs, visiting to work out some business. Nothing different, nothing strange, but that day would change my life forever. I left the station, and soon received a text message from a good friend of mine who was an Account Executive for the station. She sent me a message saying that “Goose thinks you’re really pretty” followed with a screen shot “Check a box, Does she like me [ ] yes [ ] no.” At that point, I knew he was someone different.
Our first date was with his friends, the poor guy was so nervous that he drank himself silly before I got there. He was shaking and could barely hold a conversation because of his nerves.
We then fast forward two weeks. We become inseparable with hundreds of texts a day to each other. His apartment lease was coming due and I offered him to move in to “rent my extra spare room.” He never slept in that room, we were fighting the inevitable, we were falling in love and were trying to deny it with every ounce we had.
We were introducing each other to our friends and family, and the same this would always be said “You are both the same person.” We talk, act, smile, joke and kid in all the same ways. We started really to fall for each other in a way that was different from anything else we had experienced in the past. Still fighting what we were, it became a natural thing, we just worked, without effort and without trying, we were just living and enjoying our lives together.
Aaron’s (Goose’s) job has been his central life line. He lives and breathes entertainment. He can create a joke from nothing and professionally puts the smiles on the faces of those around him. His has a treasured gift and it is making people feel better about his life. I love him for being the man that he is to so many people who listen.
Aaron’s dream came true August 2017, where he was provided the opportunity to work in Denver hosting a morning show, his dream has come true. We sold our home and uprooted our little family to move to our new home, but the dream was soon to become nothing what we had imagined. We started down a road that created our home to turn into an uproar. Fights and silence were becoming the norm in our household. We even decided to take time a part to rebuild ourselves into stronger people, the love was still there, we were doing this for us.
They say tragedy is what makes you stronger and it is the tough times that make you see who is your real support. Three days ago, we received a call that would change our lives. Aaron’s dream job was no longer, his dream was gone and it took his soul and being along with it. We’ve come together knowing that this is a battle for US, but what it now means is there is a chance that we will have to part ways together. His unique line of work will most likely take him away from Colorado. I must stay as I am trying hard to complete my Master’s program, but I still have about a year or two left to go. I want to tell him that he is my life partner before we must put in the biggest fight of our lives.
This has opened our eyes that this world is for us to tackle, together. Our team is what will get us through these tough times and WE are stronger than anything that may come our way. We have a very strong love, but most importantly, our friendship and our true dedication to our team is what sets us differently.
The reason why I am asking to take a part of your wedding contest is because I want my best friend to know that no matter where the world takes him, I am always there, even if it is miles that are separating us. He is my best friend and the one person I must spend the rest of my life with.
There are thousands of love stories out there, many much more compelling than my own, but what is different is that it is the tough times that I now treasure. It is those times that have put our love to the test, and we are stronger than we have ever been. Love isn’t about the good times, it is about finding that one person and knowing that the world will be ok because you are in the battle together. He is my whole world and I cannot image a minute without him, much less years and miles of distance. Please allow me the opportunity to show you that the real love you dream of, does exist. Our fairy tale ending isn’t ending, this is just the beginning of our happily ever after.

Crystal Schneeberger

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