Christine Shock – The Personals…90’s style

06 Feb, 2018

Christine Shock – The Personals…90’s style

Couple’s Love Song: Saturn the Bringer of Old Age by Holst (The Planets)

We often tell others that we met through a mutual friend which is pretty much true because God definitely was our ultimate Matchmaker!
We have both been through trials and tribulations in our lives and relationships and marriage, come to find out he was praying fervently for a wife and I was praying fervently for a husband.
A strong love for God and his people connected us and brought us close. It was definitely amazing to both of us and a comfort comfort to know that while I had spent 17 years working with abused and neglected children he was in the mountains of Colorado working with individuals facing many adversities including drug addiction and homelessness.
We have grown to be best, friends each other’s prayer partners and one another’s support system.
During one of my visits to the mountains where he lives, Brandon came home got on one knee and confessed how difficult it was to put so much change into the bubble gum machine and come out with the perfect ring. He also confessed his love for me and desire to spend the rest of his life with me.
We are both waiting for God to reveal to us what how and when we will be able to come together as a family. In the meantime we have committed to the words of our love song…. We “promise to love” one another and God’s children.
It has been very difficult being almost 2 hours away from one another but knowing that his ministry makes it all worth the wait. Being able to have this ceremony would bring everything into God’s perfect completion and lifting a heavy load off of our shoulders.
Our faith keeps our love alive and strong and hopeful for a very beautiful future together which we hope will include a Ministry together -continuing to serve God’s people.

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