Celina Campos-Marquetti – Unexpected Love

06 Feb, 2018

Celina Campos-Marquetti – Unexpected Love

Couple’s Love Song: Michael Buble, “You and I”

I was just about fed up with dating all together. I became a serial date with tinder and bumble being my best friends. Working at a fast paced bar like the Viewhouse Eatery Bar & Grill I always had guys slipping me their number and asking me for mine. I never took them seriously and they didn’t take me serious either. The world was my oyster and I was being thrown superficial dates. Unfortunately, I kept feeling empty and unsatisfied. I secretly wanted a serious boyfriend even though I never led with that. Once they found out what I really wanted, It was “sayonara sucker” from there. Left with multiple shots to my ego that felt like a broken heart I made the best of my surroundings that Sunday afternoon and looked around for some entertainment. Naturally I was cocktail waitressing but had no customers in sight. I noticed a familiar face to the left of me while standing outside in the courtyard area in Viewhouse. Drunk 20 somethings in short shorts and shades were playing volleyball ahead of me and the DJ was doing what he loved in the background. I decided to go pay that familiar face a visit and walked over to his table. It was a group of young guys I served a couple months ago. They were fun and crazy so I knew they would be able to entertain me while I waited for anyone to sit in my section.
I greeted everyone and they all were very happy to see me. We were all flirting back and forth and one guy out of the 5 seemed to think I was someone he really needed to know more of. 2 months ago when I first met him he had a bloody ripped up shirt from falling on himself. Sounded like a drinking problem to me. I definitely was not interested. But He demanded I let him give me his phone number. I told him if he is that serious I would give him mine. I did not expect for him to call or even remember me since he was obviously drunk. Later that day, I was talking with a guy I was introduced to by a friend and Derek, the obvious drunk, popped up next to me and poked my shoulder to get my attention. He needed confirmation once again that I, the “goddess” which became my name that day by his group, would pick up his phone call. I said yea and shooed him away to continue talking to an actual love interest.

How could I have known that this man who could hardly open his eyes, who had a huge fro under his backwards cap and wore hideous sunglasses would be the man I wanted to spend the rest of my like with?

After a long day of drunks and financial disappointment I received a text from Derek. He asked for my schedule so he could take me out on a date. I told him I worked all week except one day and screen shot my schedule as proof. He told me, “ok I’ll take you out on that one day”. That one day was my birthday. I had a birthday brunch and then had to run errands in the afternoon but I didn’t have anything else until 10pm (late night drinking with friends). I told him he could take me out to a birthday dinner. He agreed.
So It went, our first date at Beatrice and Woodsley. I showed up 15 mins late and he just smiled and acted delighted to see me. It went very well. Very Well. He paid for everything and told me I could get whatever I wanted. Great conversation led to me not wanting to end the night. After dinner he asked, what do you want to do now? I said, “lets go see some new faces comedy at comedy works denver” and so we did. In the middle of us laughing at the comedians I was so smitten by Derek and the company he was offering that I ended up reaching over and giving him our first kiss. It was a great night! We had our second date on his birthday which ended up to be 3 days after mine. May 31 is my birthday and June 3rd is his. Every year we celebrate our anniversary and birthdays in one long week vacation. We traveled to Utah, Nevada, and Arizona last year. Hiked Zion National Park, camped in lake Powell and raged in Las Vegas. This year we plan to go to California for our first time. What made this relationship so special is that once I moved in with Derek he took care of me. He knew serving didn’t satisfy me so he allowed me to quit my job and pursue a career in real estate. For months I was not financially stable and need a lot of his help. He did everything in his power to help me succeed so that our future together would succeed. I also took care of him and once I saw he was drinking 4-6 cans of coors light a day I told him if he continues I will leave him. He never touches beer now on the weekdays without my permission or unless we are going out socially. His love for beer and my love for dating has now been replaced by each other. Now I am a successful real estate agent and It is all due to his support and love. I would not want to spend the rest of my life with anyone else. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. We plan to buy a home in October and want to plan so much more. If we win this wedding we will be able to do that without the pressure of having to get married and buy a ring in the same year.
That is our love story!

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