Cassandra Flatt – Dreams, Hopes, Fears?

06 Feb, 2018

Cassandra Flatt – Dreams, Hopes, Fears?

Couple’s Love Song: Billie Holiday – Come Rain Or Come Shine

One of the first things I asked Nicole was, “dreams, hopes, fears?” We weren’t interested in small talk. We immediately plunged into deep thought and conversation. Suddenly, I found myself coming into work a half hour early, then an hour early, then I’m bringing in coffee and donuts just so I had more time to talk to her. We found that we both liked to write and had a similar style. We fell for each other’s words and view of the world. The pull was instantaneous and eventually we had to voice that the pull was so strong it seemed obvious, like fate, that we were meant to be together. We yin and yang each other. Nicole, hard working, practical, well spoken. Me, free spirited, in the moment, fun. We pulled each other out of our short comings and swept away each other’s negative influences. We worked together at 5 different jobs, never tiring of the other. We supported each other through our creative endeavors. Nicole, becoming Nicole Disney- published author and I becoming the owner of my own video production company Cortex 86’d. The life goal being on the road doing journalistic pieces for various causes across the country. Nicole, the voice. Me, the visuals. Nicole proposed to me in Glenwood Springs. I had never seen the sun rise so we got up early and found a nice spot where the sun rose between two mountains with the moon still in the sky at our backs. She handed me a journal filled with our memories written in story form. Each memory had a title like, “The First Date.” Eventually I turned to a blank page with only the title “Proposing in Glenwood Springs” written at the top. Nicole got on one knee and presented the ring to me. I excitedly blurted, “duh! I mean, YES! Of course!” We decided to get a civil union in Hawaii where I’m from and most of my family resides. Knowing my poverty stricken family couldn’t afford to come to Colorado for the wedding, we brought it to them. In a turn of events we did not expect, Nicole’s family was unable to attend the wedding. 8 days later, Hawaii passed same sex marriage. We had just missed it! We’ve been talking about getting legitamently married again off and on for years and to do it in Denver this time with Nicole’s family present. Enter Dazzle. We had no idea Dazzle existed until we filmed a performance there. We were so charmed by the concept of the place, we started following Dazzle on social media. Then this giveaway graces us with its presence and it feels like fate is coming to embrace us again.

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