Brandon Whipple – Facebook Endeavors

06 Feb, 2018

Brandon Whipple – Facebook Endeavors

Couple’s Love Song: Dance Gavin dance- betrayed by the game

It was a boring afternoon browsing my Facebook news feed on my lunch break. I came across an exotic beautiful human who happened to be celebrating their birthday. I gave her a poke, I got nothing. Months went by, photo liking was exchanged but never any words. One day this woman, posted a simple “someone hangout” post. I commented I was interested, of course as friends. She then did the unthinkable and reached out. I have never had a woman pursue me in such a way. Well, that’s when it all started… Patience Hill, wanted to meet up. The kicker was I was in a entire different state. I was in Utah and she lived in Colorado, and we both didn’t care to check prior. That didn’t seem to matter to her, May of 2016 we constantly exchanged messages. She swear Facebook messenger was the best way to reach her… so we kept the conversing up for days On Facebook. One day we decided to exchange numbers, she asked me about skype. I honestly made one for this very occasion! We would skype every single night! We would always talk about meeting, I was determined and she kept doubting me.

I proved her wrong, shocked as one could be I randomly sent her a photo of my itinerary for June 24th 2016.
Seeing her in person was jaw dropping, she took the weekend off for me and we spent every single second together in Denver. We bar hopped, got krispy cream on 16th street mall. On the night of June 25th after a few shots of tequila to help with some confidence, I made it official.. I Asked Patience Hill to be my girlfriend. She didn’t hesitate for a second. The hardest thing to do was get on that flight Sunday night and leave her. When I did, this girl balled out with tears and begged me to stay. I honestly teared up a little myself. Days went by we went back to our daily routine of phone calls, text and skype but she kept saying it wasn’t the same. In July she few out over the holiday, met my family and they adored her. We grabbed sushi one night and she kept saying how much she wanted to leave Colorado. It sound like the perfect opportunity to move forward with our relationship.

It wasn’t until another month I decided to ask her, I flew back out to Denver at the beginning of August and that’s when it all happened… I got a one way and we drove her 2010 Volkswagen Beetle to Utah and we have been together ever sense.

It was Christmas morning of 2017 I blew her mind with the perfect pearl ring she always wanted. Her reaction was priceless, she kept asking me what I was doing. I got on one knee and I she knew, we knew. I confessed my love to Patience Hill and I got a yes.

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