Anna Robinson – The Journey of Jackie and Anna Robinson

06 Feb, 2018

Anna Robinson – The Journey of Jackie and Anna Robinson

Couple’s Love Song: Like I’m Gonna Lose You -Meghan Trainor ft John Legend.

We met on Friday April 18, 2014 at a bar called The Kasbah. It is a local bar for the grown and sexy (older than 35) in Aurora Colorado. I had a very disturbing background in relationships. My 1st husband told me daily that I was a “Fat Ugly Fucking Bitch!” After 21 years one starts believing those words and I became very over-weight. We finally ended our marriage in 2014 because he cheated once again. So in August of 2013 I decided to have Gastric Bypass as I was dying – so many issues to count. I weighed in at 420lbs prior to surgery. Lots of complications later, in March 2014 I was finally feeling much better. Unfortunately my 1st husband passed away and it broke my children and grandchildren’s hearts.
After my surgery in August 2013 – I finally saw a difference in me – I fell in love with myself once again and starting seeing drastic changes to my body. In my body, mind, soul, attitude and belief. I wanted love again. I wanted to love someone and them to love me again.
My friend asked me to go out dancing in April; I went and we had a blast. Then this stranger come up to me and asked me to dance. Of course I said yes, and believe it or not, that was a perfect dance. He was an avid Detroit Ballroom dancer. I had friends that taught people to dance this dance but never had a partner. So we danced the night away, we were dancing like we had been dancing for years together. That day forward our love grew. We went on several dates, we went dancing often and then in December of 2014 we decided to be exclusive. It took a bit longer for me as I was so reluctant to believe that there was a man that would have loved me for me and not all my flaws. I was weighing in December 2014 about 280 lbs., which is a loss of 140lbs. Jackie’s story included being married to someone and his wife had cheated. It was hard for him to allow himself to trust that this wouldn’t happen again. I couldn’t believe that I could ever find love again, especially someone who loved me for me and all of my flaws (my body weight – to me that was such a bummer for me) Other people find other things that they use to cover up all the pain – like drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping – for me it was food. I ate and ate and ate and in my opinion became that “Fat Ugly Fucking Bitch” I was told I was
This man and I fell in love, we were in-separable. I finally introduced him to my family for the first time for New Years Eve. We then decided to move in together in February 2015. It was a living fairy tale. We both couldn’t believe how easy it was to live in a non-physical and non-mental judgmental environment and wake up and go to sleep smiling We started taking Ballroom dance classes together weekly. We learned so much about the beautiful dance and ourselves. We to this day try to go dancing every Friday night to the club we met at.
I had had my 1st reconstruction surgery in December 2015 – I was home from the hospital on Christmas Eve. This man was an angel and took very good care of me. On Christmas morning the second I woke up he asked me to Marry him with the most beautiful ring Of course in tears I said “YES!”
In March 2016 we had our engagement party for the Kasbah. It was awesome. Our favorite band sang “One in a Million” for me and now us. All our friends and family were there to celebrate our love. It was Magical We also danced to our new love song that is our Motto today – Like I’m Gonna Lose You -Meghan Trainor ft John Legend. That’s how we love one another daily. Because in our experience you never know when you can lose someone.
We then had a very fast, very low cost impromptu Wedding on Friday September 2, 2016 at the Kasbah where we met. We just wanted to do it sooner than later, however unfortunately his Mom and step-dad or sisters couldn’t make it::*( So it was a very happy/sad kind of day. We really wanted all family there to share in our beautiful day.
It would be amazing for us to win your Wedding Surprise so that I can get that beautiful dress now that I am a size 8 from a size 30 and weigh 148lbs from 420lbs. Also the beautiful flowers and cake and invitations and venue that we so would love to celebrate with our beautiful families…We didn’t and don’t have the money to have had any of these things. I know my husband would especially appreciate it so we could have his family join in. Please consider our request to win this beautiful opportunity to re-new our Vows as we would so greatly appreciate this amazing opportunity to share our love with all.
Jackie and Anna Robinson

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