Amanda Fabrizius – Love For Rent

06 Feb, 2018

Amanda Fabrizius – Love For Rent

Couple’s Love Song: Adventure of a Lifetime-Coldplay

In 2006, I quit my job and sold my belongings with the intention of moving to Boston with my then boyfriend. However, after going to Boston for an interview, I realized I wasn’t going to be happy there. So I came back to Denver and frantically started looking for an apartment and job. Ahhh, youth. My then boyfriend and I were sleeping on the floor of a friend’s basement, but found a Craigslist ad for an apartment that I really wanted to pursue. Queue Franco Santini, a contractor, my new landlord, and future husband to be. Now, it might sound a little pervy or creepy, but it wasn’t like that at ALL for the 3 years I lived in his property. In fact, I was generally annoyed by him as he never really seemed to be very organized. Case in point: it was agreed we were to move in on a Sunday in December. We arrived that morning and walked in to find a woman sleeping on the floor (his then girlfriend), a cat running rampant, and Franco with a paintbrush in his hand, still doing “touch ups”. I think my first impression colored my opinion of his landlord skills.
After 3 years of giving him my money, I decided to buy a house in the same neighborhood. I left him a note that his rent was too cheap (he never raised the rent in 3 years of me living there!) and that I would really miss the place, because that was true. It was a great apartment.
Soon after buying my house, I was a single lady again, and for about a year, I was doing home improvements on a 1905 house with little money and even littler skills myself. In the middle of a fireplace renovation, my handyman walked out on the job. In a panicked state, I emailed Franco asking if he knew anyone that could help me and told him my budget. It took him about a week to get back to me because my budget was that laughable. But he stepped up and offered to help me and finished the job.
I learned he was moving back to the neighborhood to live in and renovate the other apartment in the building I rented. We decided to get drinks, and I realized I might kind of like him. After a few dates and some heavy make out sessions to Radiohead and Zero 7, we decided to make it official. I was curious about how old he was, as he doesn’t remotely look his age. He laughed at me and said he knew how old I was and my credit score from my old rental application. I guess my credit score sealed the deal for him. 😉 We’ve been together 5 years and engaged for one year. Franco is a genuinely good man, who does anything to help someone in need. We love to travel and adventure together. The Coldplay song got us through a hike up Longs Peak a couple of years ago. “Everything you want’s a dream away…You make me feel like I’m alive again.”
We were planning a wedding for October 2018, but started to quickly realize we didn’t have a realistic budget. It turns out landlords aren’t as rich as I once thought. So we just recently cancelled our venue and decided we were eloping. ON 5-17-18! We would absolutely love to have the opportunity to have friends and family at a wedding at Dazzle. We went on quite a few dates to Dazzle on Lincoln. It’s a special place to us and the date seems so uncanny, I had to share our story. Although it might not be the flashiest, it is a real story of how 2 people met and fell in love under unexpected circumstances. By the way, Franco is now 50 years old. 🙂

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