Allison Stampley – Nate & Allison’s Love Story

06 Feb, 2018

Allison Stampley – Nate & Allison’s Love Story

Couple’s Love Song: Brooks & Dunn – Ain’t Nothing ‘Bout You

I first met Nathan (Nate) in 2012 when he was hired on at our work place. At the time, I was a wild, young 20-something year old who had sworn off relationships forever, as I had had my handful of weird to horrible ones that obviously didn’t work out. As Nate trains and works his way up, we finally get to talking here and there, about casual work stuff or weekend plans. I later learn that I intimidated the daylights out of him and is why he never initiated conversation with me LOL. My wildness was real back then. As months go by, he begins joining the co-workers on our wild nights out on the town, even though he was a shy, small town guy who rarely ever drank.
Finally, the summer of 2013, something clicks between he and I. I will never be able to explain the connection or the sparks or the fireworks that exploded in my heart all of the sudden for this guy named Nate. I knew I needed make up for my “brashness” and wanted to get to know him on a deeper level. The 4th of July rolled around, and a group of us co-workers went on a lake trip to celebrate. Nate was not able to join, but he was all I could think about. The 5th was his birthday, so when we returned to town, he invited me over to celebrate his birthday with him. I was exhausted, but knew in my heart I just HAD to go. We sat around a bonfire and looked each other in the eyes and it was at that very moment – we both just knew.
Almost 5 years later, through many ups and downs, we look into each other’s eyes and still just know. He calmed my wild ways and in some ways, he saved me. Through his love and compassion, I realized I was using alcohol to self-medicate for my undiagnosed anxiety, depression, and PTSD. He held my hand the entire road, leaving random love notes, words of motivation, inspiration and passion. While we are individuals, our connection and love had made us a unit that is unbreakable. We would love nothing more than to celebrate our journey in our favorite place.

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