GAMEjazz: Bringing Listeners Together

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What do you know about the great American composers?  Some salient names may stick out enough to catch your attention such as Leonard Bernstein and George Gershwin, but what really was their sound and how can you hear it today?  The short answer to all of this is GAMEjazz.  Citing classic inspirations such as Duke Ellington and Dizzy Gillespie the lesser-known legends such as Jimmy Van Heusen, the Great American Music Experience in jazz will give you an immersive musical experience in America’s legendary compositions.  You’ll discover hidden gems of composers and their famous or not-so-famous compositions.  Better yet, the group boasts all original arrangements of incredible compositions deeply rooted in America’s art form, jazz.


Jan Cleveland

Each member of GAMEjazz brings their own individual talents to a group that boasts unique arrangements.  The principal mission is to bring alive the music that everyone knows and loves.  Quoting GAMEjazz’s vocalist Jan Cleveland, “Even people who say they don’t like Jazz love the early jazz compositions.” She then poses the question, “Do you like the music from the Peanuts Movie?  Then you like jazz!”  It’s this music that will be presented with originality, flair, and life.  When you watch GAMEjazz, you will get caught up in a world of brilliant American minds and the nostalgia of their compositions.


The most recent album from GAMEjazz features a fresh take on the roots of the group’s vocalist: Broadway show tunes.  These same roots arguably galvanized the creation of GAMEjazz.  While Jan Cleveland was performing in ‘Steel Magnolias’ in a Denver theater the principal arranger of the group, Doug Roche had written original music for the intermissions.  The music was so good, Jan made a point of meeting the man behind it: Doug.  Since then Jan has fostered her love for show tunes along with Doug Roche and it blossomed into the creation of the album “Nights on Broadway.”


Doug Roche

Looking into the future, GAMEjazz is currently exploring their love for Latin music, forging new paths and experimenting with new styles and arrangements.  The new album is loosely focused around the compositions of Antônio Carlos Jobim, dealing with the ever popular “Girl from Ipanema” and several other wondrous compositions of historic Latin Jazz.  The album is scheduled to come out in the Fall of 2017.  The group is also considering a Christmas-themed album with their own take on more classic compositions of America’s music.  No matter what is in store, listeners of all genres will love the arrangements and talents exuding from this talented group.

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