Lenny Kaye & Stacey Riley – The Music of Sinatra – 11/23

25 Oct, 2016

One of the most important pop culture figures of the 20th century, Frank Sinatra’s career spanned many disciplines. As a recording artist, actor, cabaret and concert star, radio, film and television personality, and occasional producer, director and conductor, Frank Sinatra`s achievements earned him three Oscars, two Golden Globes, 10 personal Grammys (and a total of 21 including those for his albums), an Emmy, a Cecile B. DeMille Award, and a Peabody.

Frank Sinatra’s appeal bridges many generations, as the warmth and feeling in his music is universal to all ages. He had a rare ability to bring the words of the music to life like few singers have done. Many great songs he sang, when heard today, instantly bring his name to mind.

Lenny Kay is a popular male vocalist and has performed in various venues throughout the United States. Lenny’s sings in the style reminiscent of Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett.

He has been a featured vocalist, performing at clubs in Chicago, Palm Springs, Denver, Atlanta and New York.

In Denver, he was the originator of the very popular “Jazz for Seniors” at Dazzle Jazz. He has worked at numerous clubs in the Denver area such as Nonna’s Bistro, Café del Sol, Inverness and Loews hotels. In addition, Lenny entertains at numerous retirement communities throughout the Denver area. He is well known in the Denver jazz community.

Stacey Riley has been a singer most of her life – from the shower to the car to choirs… eventually leading pop bands and jazz combos. Her father sang in rock bands, while she was growing up, and introduced her to a wide variety of genres, including blues, soul, Motown, R&B, folk, and rock. Stacey first discovered jazz through hearing Billie Holiday on a film soundtrack, and later in college at student performances. She decided this was the music she was most moved to sing, and has been doing so for the past 3 years. She is also an educator, teaching private lessons in voice and acting. Stacey performs around the Denver area at local venues, house concerts, and special events.