Dorothy Pino – August 29

10 Aug, 2016

Kevin Lee – guitar
Drew Morell – Bass
Bill Larson – drums
Dorothy Pino – flute
Julie Monley – vocals & perc.

Dorothy Pino has a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Biola University. She currently teaches Instrumental Music at East High School with Keith Oxman. Over the past three years of working with Keith, she has journeyed from being a classical musician to embracing the world of jazz and bossa nova. Keith’s patience, immense jazz knowledge, constant critiques, and encouragement motivated Dorothy to form a jazz group and seek out performance venues. She is thankful to Keith Oxman for introducing her to all the members of her bossa nova quartet, and believing that she could be more than “just a classical musician”.



Monday, August 29 @ 7 pm