Scott Amendola Band – July 15 & 16

05 Jul, 2016

Scott Amendola – drums
Nels Cline – guitar
Jenny Scheinman – violin
John Shifflett – bass

“I started the Scott Amendola Band in the spring of 1998 as an outlet to realize myself as a composer and bandleader. I’d had the composer’s bug for a long time, but had been very intimidated by composing. I finally decided to buckle down and get the music out of my head that’s been swirling around for a while. My music goes from being groove-oriented to ballads to totally free, through composed pieces to sketches.

The Scott Amendola Band is my outlet for compositional improvisation. The first record represents a starting point for a long journey — a never-ending journey of expression, conceptual journeys, revelations, emotions, and creativity.

I’ve realized a way to express myself beyond the drumset which is unbelievably rewarding. Blood, sweat, tears. Pain and love. Fortunate passion realized.

A band is the sum of its parts, and I’ve learned how to think in terms of the parts and compose accordingly. It’s a challenge that constantly pushes me to find myself and be more and more honest with who I am.”

– Scott Amendola







Friday, July 15 @ 7 pm

Friday, July 16 @ 9 pm

Saturday, July 17 @ 7 pm

Saturday, July 17 @ 9 pm