Cyrus – piano
TBA – bass
TBA – drums

“The pianist Cyrus Chestnut is one of jazz’s most convincing anachronisms. His brand of crisp articulation and blues-inflected harmony evokes another era, sometime before the ascent of Bill Evans and McCoy Tyner, to say nothing of Herbie Hancock and Keith Jarrett. But unlike the typical nostalgist, who pines for the past partly because of a queasy discomfort with the present, Mr. Chestnut appears comfortable with his placement in time. What makes his music fly is a complete security in his style, and that sense of untroubled self-assurance.” — New York Times






Tuesday, May 17 @ 6 pm

Tuesday, May 17 @ 8 pm

Wednesday, May 17 @ 6 pm

Wednesday, May 17 @ 8 pm